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Gold Ban-yom 2020 Bathroom Furniture Catalog

Wide Dealer Network in 35+ Countries

You can find Gold Ban-yom quality in 35+ countries and at 600+ domestic sales points.
Gold Ban-yom continues to add art to bathrooms by exporting products to more than 35 countries.
Serving over 600 sales points in Turkey Gold Ban-yom, the dealer network is increasing every day.
While the number of hundreds of thousands of happy customers who prefer Gold Ban-yom quality increases day by day, Gold Ban-yom products add elegance to their bathrooms.
Turkey’s largest bathroom furniture manufacturer Golden Ban-yom, 10 thousand m2 of covered area with a production capacity.
The main reason for the Golden Ban-yom bathroom furniture manufacturer is due to the quality of Turkey’s most preferred choice.
Gold Ban-yom products, which will decorate your bathrooms with a wide range of products suitable for every taste and budget, are also preferred for their elegance and quality.

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