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Art in Bathroom

About Us

GOLD BAN-YOM, which transforms your bathroom into a completely different space with its elegance and ergonomics; It designs comfortable and spacious living spaces for you without sacrificing quality by interpreting traditional lines with an innovative approach.

Your bathroom that will make you forget the stress of the tiring business life in your home; GOLD finds the importance it deserves with BAN-YOM and takes its quality one step further.

In the new factory of GOLD BAN-YOM with a closed area of ​​10.000 m2 in Akyurt, the models carefully prepared by industrial designers are produced by expert technical teams using the latest technology with high material quality and color alternatives.

GOLD BAN-YOM, which keeps customer satisfaction above all else, has adopted the zero defect approach as a basic principle with the “quality circles” management, which ensures that every stage of production is inspected by quality control experts.

Having a widespread dealer and service network throughout the country, GOLD BAN-YOM continues to serve abroad by carrying its exports to significant dimensions with the breakthroughs it has made in recent years with its 35 years of experience.